SNP's Economic Incompetence

Figures released by the SNP Government show that Scotland is now poorer than the rest of the UK.  

This is the first time in 35 years Scotland has trailed the UK.  

These figures are the latest in a long line of statistics showing that the Scottish economy is significantly under-performing rUK. 

The blame rests entirely on the SNP’s policies that are scaring-off investment and jobs.  

- SNP policies create massive uncertainty for businesses to invest. Businesses don’t know if there will be another Referendum, what currency might be used in Scotland and who will control interest rates

- SNP policies are being made without economic or scientific assessment

- SNP policies will increase taxation. Recent studies by Stirling University show that this will result in investment going elsewhere.

- SNP policies are reducing the number of College places and Apprenticeships – resulting in a skills-shortage for businesses.

The SNP’s economic incompetence is a serious threat to Scotland.

If Scotland had listened to the SNP and voted ‘Yes’ last year, we would be facing a Greek-style financial crisis.

Statistics published by the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies show that an independent Scotland would have suffered a Budget Deficit of 8.6% of GDP in 2015–16. 

This is higher than the Budget Deficit experienced in Greece – and look what’s happening there.

8 years of SNP incompetence is damaging the Scottish economy.

Another 5 years of SNP incompetence will destroy the Scottish economy.