BBC Breakfast Event

Great to join the BBC Breakfast discussion held in Dunfermline on the General Election.

Meeting with William Hague

I was delighted to meet with Lord Hague earlier today in London. He was inspired to hear about the comeback being staged by the Scottish Conservatives as it becomes increasingly clear that the SNP's incompetence in Government is harming the Scottish Economy and costing us jobs. After hearing my Campaign Priorities, Lord Hague was pleased to endorse my Candidacy as follows: 'Dean's global business experience will be much needed at a time when the Scottish Parliament is getting significant new devolved tax and spending powers. I am confident he would be an excellent representative for his constituents'.

SNP's Economic Incompetence

Figures released by the SNP Government show that Scotland is now poorer than the rest of the UK.   This is the first time in 35 years Scotland has trailed the UK.   These figures are the latest in a long line of statistics showing that the Scottish economy is significantly under-performing rUK. If Scotland had listened to the SNP and voted ‘Yes’ last year, we would be facing a Greek-style financial crisis.

Scottish economy trailing behind rUK

Scottish economy continuing to under-perform the UK economy.Scotland’s economic performance is diverging from that of the UK, according to a leading think-tank which has revised its Scottish projections for growth and jobs figures downwards over the coming months.Sadly, this comes as no surprise. SNP policies are scaring-off investment and jobs. SNP policies driven by ideology and made without reference to economic or scientific assessment are seriously damaging the Scottish economy.  

Why is unemployment increasing in Scotland?

Why is unemployment increasing in Scotland, yet falling in the rest of the UK?The short answer is that the SNP has created an environment of huge uncertainty surrounding Scotland’s future constitutional, economic and business standing.  That’s why domestic firms are not expanding and foreign companies are not investing into Scotland.

Dean Lockhart visits Glengoyne distillery

After my visit to Deanston, I went to Glengoyne - the other major distillery in the Stirling Consitituency. Another fantastic business and great export earner for Scotland.

Dean Lockhart at Stirling Uni Freshers Week

Fun at the Stirling University Freshers last week. We hosted a stall inviting students to join the Conservative Future Society at the University. Great response received!

Dean Lockhart visits United Auctions

Today I enjoyed a very interesting visit to United Auctions today where I met a number of farmers and the executive chairman David Leggat.