More jobs, apprenticeships and student places

Dean Lockhart has worked extensively with governments and businesses across the world, advising on their finance and economic growth policies.

Dean has particular experience in Hong Kong and Singapore where he spent more than 15 years working alongside some of the most successful economic development agencies in the world.

Dean will use his experience of how world-class government policy can create better lives for everyone through economic growth and job creation.

Scotland needs to follow many of the economic growth and job creation policies introduced by countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong.  

These countries encourage wealth creation through systems of low taxation for new and emerging businesses, no red-tape, business education at school, increased numbers of apprenticeships and flexible labour markets.

There is one central truth in UK politics: Only the Conservatives can be trusted with the Economy.

The Conservatives have fixed the economy following the financial crisis and massive over-spend by the Labour party. 

Now the SNP is destroying the Scottish economy and job creation.

Only the Scottish Conservatives can oppose the SNP’s disastrous economic policies.

The Scottish Parliament needs MSPs with global experience.