Community Policing and GP services

Public services under the control of the SNP are significantly worse today than they were 10 years ago. This is nowhere more apparent than the ever-growing GP crisis in Scotland and the SNP policy mismanagement of Police Scotland.

There is a far-reaching crisis in our GP system with early retirement and departures from the profession far out-numbering new recruitment and no effective plan in place to deal with this. There are many areas across Mid-Scotland Fife where there are no GPs available on a full-time basis and patients either have to wait weeks or travel a long distance to see a GP.

When the SNP took control in 2007 Scotland spent a higher share of its budget on health than England but this has been reversed over their 10 years in power.

Police Scotland is also in crisis mode.

Since its establishment, Police Scotland has experienced a series of crises of mismanagement, operational problems, historically low levels of police morale and internal disagreements over how the force should be run.  The support provided by the Scottish government has been appalling.

Day-in, day-out our police officers place their lives on the line to protect the public but are time and again let down by amateur politicians in the SNP who are out of their depth and too stubborn to admit when they have got the wrong policy. 

The Scottish Conservatives will increase the budget for community policing in Scotland and bring back the connection between the local community and their police officers. This is a critical part of the public’s trust in the police force – feeling and seeing the local community connection.

The Scottish Conservatives will turn-around the SNP mismanagement of the NHS.