About Dean Lockhart

Dean Lockhart is a Scottish MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife Region.

Dean has extensive global experience as an International Adviser, Leading Businessman and Former Diplomat.

Dean grew up on a council estate. His father was a local grocer and Dean attended the local primary and secondary schools. Dean then went to Glasgow University.

He has spent the last 20 years advising on business and economic policies for governments and businesses across the world – with extensive experience in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Dean has experience of how world-class government policy can create better lives for everyone through economic expansion and job creation – and spending the additional government income on better education, health, pensions and other public services.

He also has extensive experience of business development policies for emerging small-and-medium sized businesses across Asia and globally - and experience of how economic development policy can create a culture of entrprise and grow jobs.

As a Diplomat, Dean was First Secretary at the British Embassy in Manila, promoting British businesses in the Philippines and across SouthEast Asia.

Dean's business experience includes a number of sectors including finance, law, renewable energy, tourism and food & beverage.

Dean's educational background includes Law School in Scotland and England and an Executive MBA Course at Harvard.

Dean will to use his global experience to bring a new perspective to the Scottish Parliament - and share his experience in the areas of economic development, job creation and small business policy gained from his various positions across Asia.